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Modern Machining Training Center


    The Modern Machining Training Center was established in February 2005,in order to meet the require of college students' engineering practice ability and innovation ability in the new situation and optimize the experimental and engineering practical teaching resources, improve the sharing degree and utilization ratio of the equipment. It is a practical teaching center that services for the whole students majoring in science and engineering on campus. It provides training and teaching site for our school to train the talents with the view of big project. The center,established based on the good industrial system of the metalworking practice factory, is a modern public teaching platform that includes the content of modern industrial system and satisfies the needs of the development of modern engineering technology.

   The center is set up on the basis of the former school metalworking practice factory. So far, our school has accumulated investment of more than 10 million yuan and the atmosphere of modern manufacturing enterprises has appeared here, especially some equipments such as the CNC lathe, CNC milling machine, wire cutting machine and so on are the products that can be on behalf of the level of modern manufacturing technology in today's world.They greatly enrich the connotation of engineering training, improve the level of the training and have an immeasurable role for training high technical talents. The establishment of the Modern Machining Training Center has greatly improved the existing experimental teaching environment in our school and changed the situation that thinking highly of theory and ignore practice because of the restricted experimental conditions in the past; with the aid of solid technical strength, rich resources of equipment and the advanced teaching method in the modern machining training center, we have opened a new batch of experimental and training projects, especially the designing experiments and comprehensive experiments. It greatly promotes the teaching reform efforts of the metalworking practice, relevant platform and orientation course,enhances the effect of experimental teaching,also improves the quality of graduates and the level of quality education .

    After years of effort, the Modern Machining Training Center has become an excellent practice teaching base with infrastructure,high-level management, reasonable faculty structure and hierarchy,large service coverage and an exemplary role in the universit